Importance Notice for Residents Connected to Temporary Water Service (11/15)

An important notice for residents currently connected to water service via a temporary water line (image included for reference), as part of the Spring Hill Sewer Separation project:

When outdoor temperatures (including overnight) drop to 32ºF or below, the water in the temporary blue hose may freeze, resulting in an interruption to your water service.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that starting today, you leave at least one water tap running inside your home overnight while temperatures are below 32ºF to prevent a frozen waterline and ensure you have continuous drinking water.

Locate the tap (or faucet) on the lowest level inside your home. Allow a pencil-sized trickle of water to come out of the faucet so that water continues to flow through the temporary blue hose to prevent freezing. Keep the trickle of water running all night until the hose is disconnected from your outside tap by the City’s contractor, or until overnight temperatures rise above 32ºF.

Shutting off the faucet if the temperature is below 32ºF may cause the water in the blue hose to freeze, resulting in an interruption of water service to your residence.

While you are connected to the temporary water service, your water bill will be estimated. You will not be charged for the additional water used to keep your waterline from freezing.

Work is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks. When the work is completed, the blue hose will be removed and the watermain will be back in service.

Affected residents should receive additional notification via the attached flyer delivered to their residence.

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